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Music I Liked in January

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In my year in review, I mentioned that I want to listen to more music in 2017. It's been some time since I've kept up with current albums from bands I like, but anticipating new music is a familiar experience for me. I'm happy to report that this subtle change

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What is Total Noise? And why does it matter?

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Let's start with a question: What's worse, "fake news" or the inability to think? It's not a rhetorical Q. The answer seems obvious. Yet one look at the internet and you'd think that "fake news" is a new phenomenon responsible for society's collapse. Meanwhile, public support

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2016, meet 2017

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When I first moved this blog over to Ghost, I had ambitions to write more and put more of my stuff on the web. After all, what's the value of controlling and owning your own domain without building a productive space for writing and thinking? Alas, like most side-projects, nothing

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