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iPad Workflow for Updating Grav Website through GitHub

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Through my day job, I'm regularly exposed to innovative work happening in educational technology and open educational resources. Some of the time, a project peaks my curiousity enough that I can't help but dabble in the technology myself. This led me to setting up a Grav install of an "online

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Music I Liked in January

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In my year in review, I mentioned that I want to listen to more music in 2017. It's been some time since I've kept up with current albums from bands I like, but anticipating new music is a familiar experience for me. I'm happy to report that this subtle change

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What is Total Noise? And why does it matter?

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Let's start with a question: What's worse, "fake news" or the inability to think? It's not a rhetorical Q. The answer seems obvious. Yet one look at the internet and you'd think that "fake news" is a new phenomenon responsible for society's collapse. Meanwhile, public support for the humanities, whose

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My 2016 in Media and Culture: A Year in Review

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One of my quirks is an obsession with trying to perfect my "media diet." I've written before about the problem of Total Noise and how it affects our world in countless ways. As we close the book on 2016 and look forward to 2017, it's something I continue thinking about

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2016, meet 2017

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When I first moved this blog over to Ghost, I had ambitions to write more and put more of my stuff on the web. After all, what's the value of controlling and owning your own domain without building a productive space for writing and thinking? Alas, like most side-projects, nothing

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Bookmarks: Brain Pickings

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The web and the "tyranny of choice" The "tyranny of choice" is an appropriate way to describe our society's relationship with information and the internet. I plan to eventually write about why the problem of Total Noise is among the most significant intellectual challenges faced by educators, students, parents, ... (this

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Blogging with Ghost and Known

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Several months ago, I decided to start taking my "digital footprint" a little more seriously. Like most people these days, several parts of my job require me to be active online, and through the projects I work on, I am closely involved with web development and on the periphery of

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